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Vanspiration is a site cataloguing vehicle conversions, indexed by details like the make/model of vehicle and specifics of the build itself. I'm hoping it will be a place where people can find others who've converted a Sprinter, or tried to fit their bed across a van, who use a particular stove system or nervously installed a certain model of exhaust fan.

It's for glamorous, finished builds and scrappy, practical builds alike. Vans, buses, SUVs, anything really.

With enough profiles, hopefully it will be a useful resource for the community.

Vanspiration will include a hero photo of each vehicle plus comments about different aspects of a build, but link to the owners' sites and social media for details - YouTube videos, Instagram posts, blog entries and so on.

Get in touch if you'd like to get on board!


Vanspiration is also part of my stupid, ambitious dream of owning a van in the US for each time I visit from Australia... "Honey, it's a business expense, see?"



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