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Dan Grec's 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

Simple and light.

  • 10L MSR Dromedary Bag
  • MSR Dromedary Shower Kit
Ben & Mande's 1992 International School Bus

The outdoor shower is plumbed through a tankless water heater for on-demand hot water.

  • Eccotemp portable tankless water heater

Ian's 1994 Ambulance

Made 4 18x18in grates out of a leftover plank of teak decking. 30 gallons of water in ABS pipe on the roof, air pressurized and a propane water heater for colder days.

Jaz's 2009 Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB

Custom frame with commercial tray, plus Camec Gas Water Heater

  • Camec Shower Tray Deluxe

Brian's 1990 Chevrolet G20
  • Nemo Helio pressure shower
    Easy to use. Push the foot pump to build up pressure and spray Damn near impossible to put the thing back in the pouch it comes in

The Fites's 2016 Ford Transit 350

Solar shower, stored on the roof racks to warm up.

escapevanadventures's Ford Transit

Portable shower mounted on fold-out rear doors.

Vaniel 103
Daniel's 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Two gym memberships, truck stops, and a pressurized solar shower from Nemo Camping Gear.

ExpeditionEvans's 2002 Ford E-450 Dually

Roof mounted water bladder for solar heated showers

  • 20 Gallon Wheelbarrow Water Bag
The Lone Jeeper's 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK

Pressurized water (only requires a small bike pump).

  • The WaterPort Shower
    3.3 Gallons of water (enough for two showers on the trail).
Adventure Truck
Java230's 2008 Ford F450 4x4

Bullfinch unit. Its really slick, the hose plugs into the unit, and then it is used to adjust the temperature as well. It only requires a 2 3/8″ hole, and has a tiny mixing valve built in.

  • Bullfinch shower point

Spencer's 2008 Ford E350

AnyTime gyms

Nooze's 2008 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Shower pan with toilet fixture

The She-Bear
Lila's 2017 RAM Promaster

Road Shower Mounted To Rear Aluminum Ladder. Solar-Heated And Pressurised Using A Programmable Tyre Inflator. Holds 5 Gallons.

  • Road Shower 2
    Easy to install; stays pressurised; easy to refill Holds only 5 gallons; won't heat to hot on very cold days
Stealth Sprinter
Mark's 2010 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

No shower room. We opted for a pop up shower tent instead.

Elliot's 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500 High Top 140"

Shower pan with corrugated plastic sheets

  • AIRE GoGo Berm Mini Vasin

Alex's 1994 Mistubishi Delica

We got this hot outdoor shower from Glind at the start of our trip and are so glad we did!

moohahvanadventures's Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Outdoor shower, screens by sheet, plus timber shower mat.

Rob & Emily's 2008 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

700mm x 500mm shower room with portable toilet. Shower head is actually a bidet spray.


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