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Ziggy the Snail Shell
Lenny's GMC Savannah

No rear windows. I also covered the windows in the bulkhead to prevent light from leaking out.

Ian and Kate's 1996 Dodge B1500 Ram

Rear fold out windows. Flippable window covers made from carpet, batting insulation and reflectix.

Vaniel 103
Daniel's 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Magnetic light blocking fabric that was custom made to fit my windows

ExpeditionEvans's 2002 Ford E-450 Dually

Natural lighting- only 2 windows are blocked off (bathroom and closet)

Zach's 2003 Chevrolet Express

Wind out windows with blackboard paint on interior panels. Magnetic blackout fabric curtains for rear windows. Magnetics sewn into curtain hems.

SemiAquaticVagabond's 2010 Honda CR-V

I used inexpensive thin poster board for these screens - easier to 'press' into the window so I could cut, and easily rolled up for storage when driving

Ben's 2001 Chevrolet Silverado

Fabric curtains running on threaded pole, velcroed to cabin interior

Zane's 2018 Ford Transit 250

Black out curtain on rail

George's 2007 Subaru Outback

Towels over the Windows

The She-Bear
Lila's 2017 RAM Promaster

Wrap Around Windows. Custom Blackout Curtains On An IKEA Track.

  • Windows installed by Dodge
    Beautiful views, makes space feel larger Less cabinet space and required more curtains

Alpine Margarita's Dodge Promaster

We bought some foam, fabric, and made a cushion-like object that we attached with Velcro

ElPollo_Crazy's 2015 Transit Connect

We used a shower curtain rod with curtains for privacy in the front.

Stealth Sprinter
Mark's 2010 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

We made the curtains by covering both sides of a silver windcreen sunscreen with material. The rear door ones just sit inside the door frame, and the sliding door one is held by strong magnets. Totally blocks the light.

Elliot's 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500 High Top 140"

Reflectix covered with black fabric, shiny steel window bars will be in the tinted slider window (the only window). Also I have a steel bulkhead with a locking door.

Aiden, Shauna and Beetlejuice's 2010 Iveco Daily

Tinted Bonded Window in the side door, Tinted Hinged window in the Dining Area.

Aric's 1977 Toyota Chinook

All the windows were completely removed and resealed with Sikaflex 221 polyurethane sealer.

Melanie & Bryan's 2017 Ford Transit

Fabric curtains that are magnetic

Pib and Stef's 2001 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Installed three Farnier-Peniun sliding windows from Road Paisance. Denim fabric curtains (with insulation) made by a local seamstress.

The Tin Can
Tony's 2004 Chevrolet Express 3500

The blinds were custom made from blackout cloth and standard window rods.

moohahvanadventures's Mercedes Benz Sprinter

DIY quilted panels on windows. Connected by magnets.

Rich & Willow's Volkswagen T5 Transporter

Thermal mats on the windows. This has had a huge affect in reducing heat during the day time.

Tom & Cat's 1997 Toyota Coaster

We used a good block out curtain material. When making curtains, your material is 1.5 x the width of your window and then add around 10cm to your height for the hems. Sew curtain tape on the top, your hems and your done!

Isaac and Kate's 2003 Ford E-450 shuttle bus

IKEA curtains and hem tape, trimmed and ironed in a motel room.

Justin & Olivia's 1984 Dodge B250

Custom denim all 12-16 oz., some selvedge

The Prairie Schooner
Tali and Rock's 2016 Ford Transit T150


  • Reflectix 48
    Cheap, Easy to cut, Flexible Storage when removed, obvious from outside

Nick & Beth's 2018 Ford Transit 250 High Roof

DIY magnetic reflectix covers

  • Reflectix Bubble Pack Insulation

West Quester
Nick's 2003 Ford Econoline E150

DIY fabric curtains, rolled and tied up when not in use. Velcro to keep in place when down.

Derek's 2015 Subaru Outback

I added on Subaru’s weather deflectors onto all side windows, which allows me to crack the windows in rain, without letting any in. Plus custom made window shades from Reflectix (bought at Lowe’s)

  • Subaru branded Weather Deflectors
    in the long run, it has been entirely worth the expense! an expensive addition for such a minor feature
Matt & Emily's Retired school bus

We have curtains all the way around. They hang on copper rods so we can push them to the side during the day.

Ian's 1994 Ambulance

Pull down bug screens

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