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Mike's School bus

Six 6v batteries wired in series

ExpeditionEvans's 2002 Ford E-450 Dually

2x255ah deep cycle batteries

  • 12V 250Ah Sealed Lead Acid Replacement Battery for Apex APX12-260
Zach's 2003 Chevrolet Express

All the wiring to the solar generator. The lights, fridge and van are hard-wired to the generator.

  • Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator

babygreenvines's 2001 Ford Econoline

All of our electrical is tucked away under the bed.

Sprinter Discovery
SD's 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Goal Zero Yeti 1000 from Costco plus Bestek 300W Inverter. Charged while driving.

  • Goal Zero Yeti 1000

Adventure Truck
Java230's 2008 Ford F450 4x4

We are doing a big bank, 500Ah, its four 250Ah 6 volt AGM batteries, two pairs in series gives us a 12 volt bank. They are heavy, like 100lbs each heavy.

Jeremy's 1996 Ford E150

100ah Deep Cycle Intimidator

Nooze's 2008 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

2x 200Ah AGM batteries installed. Lots of power!

  • TRIK-L-START 12V-12V battery charger & maintainer

The She-Bear
Lila's 2017 RAM Promaster

2 6-Volt Deep Cycle AGM Batteries Installed Under Van In Heavy Duty Tray. 224 amp/h. 4 Stage 45 AMP Battery Charger To Charge Batteries When Plugged Into Shore Power. Shore Power Inlet w/ Breaker Box. Xantrex 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

Alpine Margarita's Dodge Promaster

Power system hooked up and ready to go! 155AH vmaxtank battery charging from a CTEK dual charge controller off solar and our alternator.

  • CTEK dual charge controller
    Working great so far; Super simple to hook up and having the alternator and solar to charge the batteries gives peace of mind.

Stealth Sprinter
Mark's 2010 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

We use 2x 150 Ah AGM batteries (Ritar brand), wired in parallel. Morningstar Tristar 45 PWM controller. We have a couple of inverters (380 watt pure sine wave, and 1200 watt modified sine wave). It is all monitored using a Trimetric 2025 battery monitor.

Jayme and John's 1996 Chevrolet Express 1500

Deep cycle batteries, inverter, monitor and isolator.

  • VMAX 155-ah Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Xantrex 1000-watt Inverter
  • Victron BMV-700
  • KeyLine Iso-Pro 140

Aric's 1977 Toyota Chinook

A custom battery holder was constructed to house the battery and attach the wiper fluid and coolant overflow tanks. A basic 12V deep cycle battery was used as the template for the battery holder.

  • Seachoice ATO/ATC Fuse Block 10 Gang
  • Stinger SGP38 80A Battery Isolator
  • W6 80A Circuit Breaker
  • AIMS Power PWRIX120012S inverter
    built in transfer switch that allows shore power to be prioritized over DC to AC inverting

Melanie & Bryan's 2017 Ford Transit

Cheap 400Wh battery for powering lights, WiFi booster and laptops. It has 12v, USBs and a DC outlet.

  • ACOPOWER 400Wh Portable
Alex's 1994 Mistubishi Delica

We have got a Marshal Premium X66HAGM as the main battery and a 120 Ah AGM deep cycle battery as our auxiliary battery.

  • Marshal Premium X66HAGM
  • Redarc BCDC1225

Rich & Willow's Volkswagen T5 Transporter

I've used the CTEK D250s Dual with Smartpass which is essentially a DC to DC smart charger that uses an initial VSR pass through to charge at 80 amps. When the battery is near charged the unit will flick over to DC to DC mode to achieve maximum charge.

  • CTEK D250 Dual with Smartpass

Vanessa & Adam's 2008 Dodge Sprinter

40A charge controller, 2000W inverter, 12V fuse panel, and breaker box for incoming solar and battery so if need be we can shut the whole system down.

  • Renogy 2000W inverter

Tom & Cat's 1997 Toyota Coaster

2 x 105aH deep cycle batteries, 2000W pure sine wave power inverter.

Rob & Emily's 2008 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Two 100ah Lithium Ion batteries.

Justin & Olivia's 1984 Dodge B250

It’s a basic marine battery! Nothing fancy.

Nick & Beth's 2018 Ford Transit 250 High Roof

AGM batteries, undecided on size. Probably 125ah to start

Dan Grec's 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

Isolated batteries mean I can run the fridge for days without starting the engine. I have two D34s.

  • Optima Yellow Top D34
  • Painless performance wiring kit
  • Nemesis Industries Dual Battery Tray

Derek's 2015 Subaru Outback

I added two group 31 AGM batteries from West Marine wired in parallel to the trunk, giving me 210Ah.

  • West Marine AGM Group 31
  • Wagan Tech Elite 400W Pro Pure Sine Inverter
  • BlueLounge CableBox
  • ProMariner ProSport 6 Battery Charger
  • NOCO GeniusBoost GB30 Lithium Jumpstarter
Ben & Mande's 1992 International School Bus

We're powered by both 12 and 120 V electricity. On the road, our house battery and inverter keeps our phones, computers, and our fantastic vent fan running for up to a week while off the grid.

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