Nooze's 2008 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

I was very upset with metal walls in my van - they looks terrible. Scratches and random holes all around. But then i found out you can cover this panels with some glue end eco-leather material for cheap and easy!

Zane's 2018 Ford Transit 250

Stained plywood over foam board with reflective layer. Plus spray foam insulation.

Surf Bus
Sam's Mercedes Benz Sprinter


Ellis's Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Timber panels

The She-Bear
Lila's 2017 RAM Promaster

4 Layers of Insulation and Sound Deadening (Spray Foam, Wool/Denim, ESP Low-E EZ Cool Professional Car Insulation, Polysio Rigid Foam)

  • ESP Low-E EZ Cool Professional Car Insulation
    Keeps heat out very well More expensive than Reflectix
  • Polysio Rigid Foam
    Cheap Hard to cut and shape

Alpine Margarita's Dodge Promaster

Rattle Trap, insulation, then timber boards painted white. Home slicker behind. Helps air circulate behind the insulation and prevents mold.

ElPollo_Crazy's 2015 Transit Connect

Side windows all have a layer of reflectix and a layer of styrofoam covered with paneling.

Stealth Sprinter
Mark's 2010 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Foil lined bubble wrap glued to van skin. Then 25mm foil lined polystyrene board. Spaces in between filled with lambs wool insulation. More foil bubble wrap, then 9mm ply.

Jayme and John's 1996 Chevrolet Express 1500
Elliot's 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500 High Top 140"

See my youtube... Airgapped reflectix closest to van metal, then spray foamed foamular, cavities filled in with polyester fiber, floor has radiant barrier with air gap too, I made a video on it

  • Reflectix

Aiden, Shauna and Beetlejuice's 2010 Iveco Daily

Celotex Boards, Recycled Plastic Wool Insulation (inside the gaps)

Aric's 1977 Toyota Chinook

In the sections where the fiberglass shell is curved 1/2” or 1” craft foam was used to insulate the cabin. Weld wood glue was used to hold the foam to the walls.


Melanie & Bryan's 2017 Ford Transit

Hardboard with acrylic coating.

Pib and Stef's 2001 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Self-adhesive 4mm cork underlay to minimize thermal bridges and manage acoustics. Insulated with 100mm glass wool and vapor barrier. Then ply.

The Tin Can
Tony's 2004 Chevrolet Express 3500

The walls were filled with 1" hard foam and held in place with expansion foam. If I were to do this again I would elect to use spray foam instead, the time savings alone would be worth it. The paneling is 1/4" plywood with a good face.

    Cheap Messy and time consuming

Rich & Willow's Volkswagen T5 Transporter

Storage cupboards.

Vanessa & Adam's 2008 Dodge Sprinter

Timber boards

Princess Uniporn
Almost Gary's 1998 Ford Transit

Armaflex 13mm self adhesive insulation, stuck straight to entire metal inside, very easy to install. Wooden batons screwed to frame with cheapest available laminate wood flooring on walls and ceiling

  • Armaflex
    Easy install, works against condensation, no vapor barrier needed, mold mildew resistant, low vocs, dust and fibre free

Rob & Emily's 2008 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

9mm marine ply and spruce cladding painted with external marine white satin paint.

Justin & Olivia's 1984 Dodge B250

Fibreglass and foam sheets

The Prairie Schooner
Tali and Rock's 2016 Ford Transit T150

Ceiling is foam board.

Nick & Beth's 2018 Ford Transit 250 High Roof

We've installed 3M Thinsulate SM600L in the body. We haven't decided on the walls yet but are probably using some type of wood paneling.

Bec & Joe's 2009 Chevrolet 2500

Ply panels

Matt & Emily's Retired school bus


Ian's 1994 Ambulance

2 layers reflection insulation, 3in pink house insulation, lines with foam backed vinyl

Ziggy the Snail Shell
Lenny's GMC Savannah

None. I am mobile and move with the weather.

Jaz's 2009 Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB

Polyisocyanurate Laminated Sheets

The Fites's 2016 Ford Transit 350

We made sure to cover every square inch possible with reflectix first, and R19 anywhere else we could.

  • Reflectix
  • Johns Manville R19 fiberglass roll insuation

Ian and Kate's 1996 Dodge B1500 Ram

1" pink XPS lined with carpet, plywood and spray-foam insulation.

escapevanadventures's Ford Transit

Wood panelling

Vaniel 103
Daniel's 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

1"x8"x12' pine ship lap-painted white

Mike's School bus

I need to say I SUPER lucked out with this wood. It's reclaimed floorboards from a house here in Hyde Park in Austin, from 1941.

Zach's 2003 Chevrolet Express

1/4-1/2" Birch plywood and timber bracing studs. Reflectix and foam board insulation on window spaces.

Grant's 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Noico Sound deadening on panels, 2" 3m Thinsulate insulation, Shiplap screwed to factory metal supports. Side popouts for sleeping from Flarespace, insulated with 1/2" foam and skinned in carpet

Ben's 2001 Chevrolet Silverado

Fiber glass Leer 122 shell

Sprinter Discovery
SD's 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Tyvek Thermawrap plus spray adhesive to mount the Thermawrap to the metal walls of the Sprinter, white Tyvek scrim against the metal, and the white fluffy material facing inside the Sprinter.

  • Tyvek Thermawrap 5.0

Fire Engine
Glenn's Mercedes Benz 608D

Reflective bubble insulation under 9mm ply

Adventure Truck
Java230's 2008 Ford F450 4x4

1 3/4″ of insulation, we are using polyiso spray foam, its R6.6 per inch, that will give us about R11.5 in the walls. The spray foam is also a very good vapor barrier, so we get a bonus there too.


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