Our Truck is a 2008 Ford F450 4×4. It started life as a pickup, but was converted to a box truck. The frame was stretch 36″ and an all aluminum box was installed.

Link: nwadventuretruck.com/truck/

Weekend warrior

1 3/4″ of insulation, we are using polyiso spray foam, its R6.6 per inch, that will give us about R11.5 in the walls. The spray foam is also a very good vapor barrier, so we get a bonus there too.

Link: nwadventuretruck.com/furring-in-the-walls-and-insu...

Foam underlay. Vinyl planks from Lowes over insulating foam underlay

Link: nwadventuretruck.com/flooring-a-real-change-to-the...

Tongue and groove 1/4" cedar boards. Light weight and smells amazing. Coated with clear polyurethane. Ceiling insulation is R 28.

We are using a 12/120V marine fridge, that uses a DanFoss compressor. They are very very energy efficient and don’t need to be vented like a propane fired one.

  • Isotherm 130 liter unit

Link: nwadventuretruck.com/fridge-install/

2-burner propane stove. See blog link.

Link: nwadventuretruck.com/propane-tank-pt-1/

Live edge slab of cedar with seating. Situated behind crew cab. Custom-sized bench cushions are 3" thick with Sunbrella outdoor fabric.


Custom timber slats on steel frame with 18" of storage height underneath

Link: nwadventuretruck.com/steel-bed-frame-and-walls/

8" mattress

We are doing a big bank, 500Ah, its four 250Ah 6 volt AGM batteries, two pairs in series gives us a 12 volt bank. They are heavy, like 100lbs each heavy.

We are using a Webasto Airtop st3500, its a diesel or kerosene forced air heater, very efficient, doesn’t suck down power like RV furnaces do, and quite compact.

  • Webasto Airtop st3500

Link: nwadventuretruck.com/heat-yes-heat-is-good/

10x 3W warm white LED downlights

Bullfinch unit. Its really slick, the hose plugs into the unit, and then it is used to adjust the temperature as well. It only requires a 2 3/8″ hole, and has a tiny mixing valve built in.

  • Bullfinch shower point

Link: nwadventuretruck.com/outdoor-shower/

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