Long wheel base, high-roof van.

Our first Russian on Vanspiration!

Conversion in progress

I was very upset with metal walls in my van - they looks terrible. Scratches and random holes all around. But then i found out you can cover this panels with some glue end eco-leather material for cheap and easy!

I love wooden floors and from very start of my project i decided that my floor will be wooden no matter what. I choose hardwood floor for total 180 euros.

Tinted windows

Faux leather ceiling surface; looks and feels reaaally nice

Under bed storage plus handmade cabinets, including at ceiling level.

My tank is black and not transparent, and i want to know how much water left in it. For this purpose i made water level sensors with led indication for just $17

Useful info. Haven't spotted this kind of information in many other build blogs.


Two slatted beds with storage underneath.

2x 200Ah AGM batteries installed. Lots of power!

  • TRIK-L-START 12V-12V battery charger & maintainer

420W of solar panels


2x Fan-tastic vents. It was quite long and tricky job to do, but with my friends we did it! Two fans now installed in the roof of my van.

  • Fan-tastic Vent 3350
    Extremely good quality and functional Bit pricey

Diesel heater

LED ceiling lights. New lights have much more power, separate switch buttons and looks much better! Also have LED lights in ceiling cabinets.

Final part of shower/toilet cabin building in my van. With door installation!

If you do nothing else, just watch the bit in the video from about 1:22.

Shower pan with toilet fixture

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