We bought our 1994 model for AUD $6,000 (US $4,750) in Australia with 180,000kms on the clock.

Link: overlandway.com/vanda-the-van/

Travelling full-time

DIY curtains

Under-bed storage in the vehicle itself.

70L water tank

Engel 40L car fridge

Slide out drawers with space for a small stove, utensils, spices, etc. We cook a lot rice, pasta, vegetables, etc. We also have a 12V slowcooker.

  • Coleman 2 burner gas stove
    Easy to use, no hassle. Good for frying, grilling, boiling.
  • 12V Road Pro slow cooker
    Good for stews, soups, etc. Cooks while driving, plugged into the cigarette lighter

Seating inside to eat when the weather requires. Portable camp table and chairs otherwise.


After 15 months travelling the world by car with a soft-shell rooftop tent we’re upgrading to a hardshell tent. We weren't using the other one due to setup/packup time.

  • James Baroud roof top tent
    They’re more compact, quicker and easier to set up/pack away, more resistant to wind and you can drive your car while the tent is set up!

Link: overlandway.com/vanda-the-van/preparation/rooftop-...

We can adjust our setup in a pinch to sleep two in the roof top tent as well as two inside the van.

We have got a Marshal Premium X66HAGM as the main battery and a 120 Ah AGM deep cycle battery as our auxiliary battery.

  • Marshal Premium X66HAGM
  • Redarc BCDC1225

Link: overlandway.com/vanda-the-van/preparation/installi...

We got a single 125W unit off eBay for AUD $169 and put it on the roof.

Link: overlandway.com/vanda-the-van/preparation/choosing...

Basic fan for in-van air circulation.

Spare tire and tool bag.

  • Oz Eagle awning

We got this hot outdoor shower from Glind at the start of our trip and are so glad we did!

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