We searched all over Canada for a vehicle that fit our budget and needs.

Link: genericvan.life/2017/11/28/getting-ready-for-van-l...

Living Full Time

Fibreglass and foam sheets

Peel and stick laminate on 30+ year old wood

Custom denim all 12-16 oz., some selvedge

We have a ton of great built in cupboards and closets.

50ish litre tank in the back left storage compartment; The faucet has a hand pump! We get a work out doing the dishes

It’s just a standard sink that flows out the side of the van.

It’s a built in Dometic unit

  • Dometic RM2351

Link: genericvan.life/2017/11/28/getting-ready-for-van-l...

3 burner propane stove

  • Wedgewood

Converts into sleeping area


Convertible from the dining area.

Standard foam with a memory foam top. Then a ton of blankets for every temperature

It’s a basic marine battery! Nothing fancy.

Not yet!


We wish.

We have a co2/smoke detector

  • Kidde

We use different cell plans depending on which country we’re in.

Old propane furnace that was built into the original conversion.

We have a rear roof rack but it just looks cool. We never use it.

There are two large storage compartments under the bed.

We have an old manual awning!

5 bucks folding chairs from Walmart!

Portable toilet - SaniPottie

  • Dometic SaniPottie 976


We use any coin laundry we can find.

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