Ultimately I decided upon a school bus because I thought "Hey, there's already for walls and a roof. Throw some wood and some light bulbs in there and call it a day." How foolish of me.

Living full-time

I need to say I SUPER lucked out with this wood. It's reclaimed floorboards from a house here in Hyde Park in Austin, from 1941.

Foam board insulation with timber overlay.

Timber boards

I went to Ikea and measured out the BESTA system and just build the cabinets (not too well) myself and then bought the doors and hinges.

Found the perfect sink at IKEA, and then found one for 50% off in the clearance section.

Elevated fridge/freezer combo.

IKEA phased out their old kitchen line and I got a hell of a deal on these drawers and cabinets. I paid $30 for everything! The butcher block was also a great deal. All the butcher block in this bus was bought on clearance for $120.


I originally didn't have a TV in here, and entertainment center was designed to be a headboard. But after a few weeks of watching netflix on my phone I decided I was kidding myself.

8" Memory foam Sultan mattress form IKEA

Six 6v batteries wired in series

I have 300 watts of Solar panels on the roof, a 3000 watt Pure Sine Wave inverter.

LED lights

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