Living F/T

None. I am mobile and move with the weather.


Just a cheap carpet from Walmart

No rear windows. I also covered the windows in the bulkhead to prevent light from leaking out.

I have a set of plastic shelves and a couple storage bins from Walmart

I always carry a couple one-gallon plastic jugs

Plastic-molded fish-cleaning sink, with a 5-gallon bucket for wastewater

small cooler for keeping leftovers--no fridge

I use a homemade alcohol stove, made from two beer cans and some cotton balls. Denatured alcohol. In a pinch, will burn rubbing alcohol but that makes smoke.

I have three different sleeping bags, each rated to a different temp. If necessary I layer them together.


100W Renology

  • Renogy 100W monocrystalline panel

None. I crack the windows as necessary.

I get my wifi from libraries, walmart, fast food, anywhere


Lady Jane camper toilet--5 gallon bucket lined with a plastic bag and kitty litter

None. Info about my bathroom setup linked below.


hand-cranked washing machine

  • Laundry Alternative Wonderwash


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