We recently converted our 1997 Toyota Coaster into our home on the road! Complete with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and office!

Travelling full-time.

Vinyl planks glued on.

We used a good block out curtain material. When making curtains, your material is 1.5 x the width of your window and then add around 10cm to your height for the hems. Sew curtain tape on the top, your hems and your done!

Kitchen cupboards plus underbed storage for water heater, electrical gear, etc.

Water heater

Clark round sink

95L 12v upright fridge

4-burner gas stove.

Dining area can convert to a lounge. Lounge cushions reclaimed from an old couch. Video below:


The bed and chair frames are built from MDF and pine, making it nice and light. They were both coated twice with light grey house paint.

2 x 105aH deep cycle batteries, 2000W pure sine wave power inverter.

2x 200W solar panels from SunYee

4G mobile broadband modem and internet booster antenna, which receives 4G from any tower within 100km. Plus back up sim card with Telstra, in case we can’t pick up Optus reception.

Roof rack with solar and wifi booster.

2.5kg Camec

  • Camec Compact RV 2.5kg Washing Machine

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