Salvador is an ambulance bought through EBay from a charity called "Wings of Hope" then converted into a homey adventure machine.

Travelling full-time

2 layers reflection insulation, 3in pink house insulation, lines with foam backed vinyl

1/2in solid Teak TnG floorboards.

Pull down bug screens

Foam backed vinyl

Various cabinets, drawers and shelves.

Air pressurized/gravity fed 30g rooftop tank and gravity fed potable tank

Dometic 35l

Summit brand 12 inch 2 burner cast iron top "gas on glass" stove top.

Swiveling three leaf L shaped dinning table with gold up telescoping leg


Elevated Queen bed or twin bed on the floor with bench-seat bed also and hammock attachments above (Room for 4 inside). Conventional tent space on flat solid rooftop.

Cushions constructed of 2 2in layers of different density foam. Bed topped with 3in memory foam.


Opolar rechargeable clip fans

Fold out 28w solar panel

T-mobile international data plan

Led ceiling lights in white, red or multicolored. External led lights all around.

Rooftop astroturf plus bug-screen tent. Custom over cab rack.

Motorbike storage at the rear.

Rooftop umbrella

Tommy Bahamas "coolest place in paradise"

The great outdoors

Made 4 18x18in grates out of a leftover plank of teak decking. 30 gallons of water in ABS pipe on the roof, air pressurized and a propane water heater for colder days.

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