LWB High Roof

Conversion in progress. Consider all products not purchased yet, or untested!

Celotex Boards, Recycled Plastic Wool Insulation (inside the gaps)

25mm Celotex Boards, 25mm Roofing Battens, Plywood Underfloor, Vinyl Flooring.

Tinted Bonded Window in the side door, Tinted Hinged window in the Dining Area.

You guessed it; Celotex. Roofing Battens to provide support for: Click-lock Cladding.

Garage Area under the bed, Wardrobe, Underseat Storage, Kitchen Cabinets, Ceiling Cabinets.

  • Garage
    Large area, ideal for bulky stuff. Accessible inside and from rear doors. May possibly cause an area of cold air under the bed.
  • Sliding Bicycle rack (Basically an MDF sheet on Heavy Duty drawer runners)
    Will store 1-2 Folding bicycles. Slides out of the back doors to allow easy access. Will have custom mounting points to secure bikes. Potentially a pain to construct. Takes up valuable room in the garage. Maybe I could make it removable easily..?
  • Wardrobe + Drawers
    Everyone needs hanging space, simple as. Small shelf in-front doubles up as a dressing table for the Mrs. Access underneath to plumbing for bathroom/shower.

Fiamma Skylight/Fan in the bathroom. 400x400mm, Crystal.

Cassette Toilet

  • Thetford C200CS
    Takes water from the main tank, Electric Flush, Stores waste in air-tight container. Have to empty waste more often than a black water tank (Holds 15 Litres), Requires plumbing and wiring in.

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