Medium roof and 130 wheelbase.

Travelling full-time

Hardboard with acrylic coating.


Sound deadening material, then vinyl over polyiso board and insulating foam. We chose step trims and carpet trim to finish.


Fabric curtains that are magnetic

None. One of us is tall and we needed the precious height. Although, having a bare ceiling means we can put magnetic lights on the ceiling.

Bench space with storage underneath.

7 gallon jug, predominantly for consumption.

We have a teenie tiny 12v fridge that is 7L.

Primus dual-burner stove and small kitchen bench space.

Bench seat with portable table that doubles as part of the bed platform.


Convertible. I've updated the bed from a piece of plywood to a new, dual purpose and simple alternative: a folding table. It serves as a bed, a desk or an outdoor table. It's much better than the useless piece of plywood we had previously!

Bench cushions that double as mattress for sleeping. Custom foam cushions from Foam Factory. In cold weather, we have cold weather sleeping bags, but we don't plan on being in cold weather very often.

Cheap 400Wh battery for powering lights, WiFi booster and laptops. It has 12v, USBs and a DC outlet.

  • ACOPOWER 400Wh Portable

Single portable 100W solar panel

Verizon and AT&T hotspots and a wi-fi booster.

Cheap USB light string until we decide on adding more solar/battery power.

We have a swivel seat on the passenger side.

LNT principles. 5 gallon bucket for emergencies.

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