A 2003 Ford Econoline E-150 van with DIY conversion, meant to house us for the next few months as we travel through western Canada and United-States.

In storage. Selling in spring.

Vinyl attached with glue.

DIY fabric curtains, rolled and tied up when not in use. Velcro to keep in place when down.

Storage area under bed and clothes storage above bed to one side. Somehow all our clothes fit here... Shoe rack/pouches on back of passenger seat.

Basic water canisters for fresh and waste water. Tap with hand pump.

Round bowl mounted in varnished ply kitchen bench.

Electric cooler. 12V. Powered while driving.

  • Mobicool

Drawer slides out from under the bed with a portable Coleman BBQ.

  • Coleman portable BBQ with grill

Fold out table attached to kitchen bench. Portable fold-out table used in good weather.


Segmented ply platform above storage. At the rear of the van. Oriented across the van.

Mattress from fold-out couch with layer of foam over it.

LED rope lights

Tarp strapped over open rear doors to provide shelter while using slide-out BBQ.

Fold out stools

When it's laundry day and you have clothes to dry but you have to hit the road...

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