She is a base 2.5i model of the 2015 Subaru Outback with upgraded tires, weather deflectors, and other new features.


Travelling full-time

I added on Subaru’s weather deflectors onto all side windows, which allows me to crack the windows in rain, without letting any in. Plus custom made window shades from Reflectix (bought at Lowe’s)

  • Subaru branded Weather Deflectors
    in the long run, it has been entirely worth the expense! an expensive addition for such a minor feature

I use a small plastic storage bin that fits just right between the front center console and the back seats when they are down, where I store relatively non-perishable foods.

7 gallon jug of water plus handful of 2L bottles.

  • 2L Platypus Platy Bottles
  • Reliance Jumbo-Trainer 7 Gallon

I also have a Yeti Roadie 20 now, which I use primarily to store vegetables and the occasional cold drinks.

  • YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

I started with only the MSR PocketRocket and GSI Outdoors Halulite Minimalist for cooking anything, and have expanded on that quite a bit.

  • MSR PocketRocket
  • MSR Windburner Stove System


Tivona has more than enough space with the back seats down to lay out the mattress for a more than comfortable sleeping space, or I can sleep in the hammock, or even set up a tent I also carry. Homemade cuben fiber tarp if sleeping outside.

  • ENO DoubleNest Hammock
  • ENO Roadie Car Stand

I put down the seats, take off the cargo cover, and setup my bed inside of the car.

  • Sea To Summit Comfort Plus Mat
  • Sea To Summit Aeros Pillow Premium
  • REI Co-op Igneo Sleeping Bag

I added two group 31 AGM batteries from West Marine wired in parallel to the trunk, giving me 210Ah.

  • West Marine AGM Group 31
  • Wagan Tech Elite 400W Pro Pure Sine Inverter
  • BlueLounge CableBox
  • ProMariner ProSport 6 Battery Charger
  • NOCO GeniusBoost GB30 Lithium Jumpstarter

300W array of solar panels from Renogy. The solar panels now travel in the rooftop rack, and are set up and torn down as is appropriate in my camp.

  • Renogy 100W 12V Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Suitcase
  • Renogy 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller w/ MT-5 Tracer Meter

Cellular range extender from Wilson Electronics (now weBoost) for internet.

  • Wilson Electronics 4G Cell Booster
    All of this works amazingly well.
  • Verizon Jetpack MiFi

Over time, I also bought the Yakima LoadWarrior along with the extension to make it longer, cargo net, and spare tire mount.

  • Yakima LoadWarrior

Homemade Cuben Fiber Tarp

If the weather outside is delightful, I enjoy setting up my REI Flex Lite Chair and working outside. Not many people get to say that they do this on a regular basis, and I really thrive off of it! It is absolutely lovely.

  • REI Flex Lite Chair

I carry the Scrubba Washbag and Dry Kit to do my laundry anywhere that I am!

  • Scrubba Washbag and Dry Kit

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