The van is a VW transporter T5 TDI400 Diesel with a 1100kg payload. 4motion which is VW’s answer to all wheel drive provides much better traction on loose road surfaces. The mid roof raises the inside height to about 1.6 m.


Travelling full-time

Storage cupboards.

Thermal mats on the windows. This has had a huge affect in reducing heat during the day time.

Bedside cabinets covered in upholstery plus huge underbed storage area.

55 litre drinking water tank

The sink drains to a 10 litre grey water tank on the underside of the van.

40L fridge.

Single burner canister stove.

Bench seat behind cabin with kitchen adjacent.


Raised platform over storage area.

I've used the CTEK D250s Dual with Smartpass which is essentially a DC to DC smart charger that uses an initial VSR pass through to charge at 80 amps. When the battery is near charged the unit will flick over to DC to DC mode to achieve maximum charge.

  • CTEK D250 Dual with Smartpass

Roof mounted 100W solar panel


An extraction fan in the kitchen area vents outside.

The custom made antenna mast folds up quickly. It houses a directional Uhf TV antenna and a omnidirectional cellular antenna. This connects to a 4g modem inside which greatly improves wireless internet range and speed.

There is a two setting light above the kitchen, night light in the middle, and a reading light at the rear.

The rear ladder makes it easy to climb up top where a rhino roof rack holds a toolbox, 100watt solar panel, and surfboard.

  • Rhino Roof Rack

Fold up camp chairs.

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