Couple of rock climbers in a self-converted Dodge Promaster named Daisy.

Travelling part-time

Rattle Trap, insulation, then timber boards painted white. Home slicker behind. Helps air circulate behind the insulation and prevents mold.

Rattle trap, timber strips, foam board, plywood, click vinyl flooring.

  • Click vinyl flooring
    Would NOT recommend. It was a pain and has definitely shifted/popped up in spots. If we did it again we’d use a single piece of sheet vinyl.
  • FatMat Self-Adhesive RattleTrap Sound Deadener
  • DOW Super TUFF-R foam board insulation

We bought some foam, fabric, and made a cushion-like object that we attached with Velcro

Raw timber boards

Under bed storage, overhead cupboards and kitchen cabinets. Plus bench seating with storage under.

25 gallon water tank

Fridge stored in bench seat.

Built-in two-burner gas stove. 20lb BBQ propane tank in under-counter locker: plywood box coated in flex seal with floor vent to outside.

Tambour table from Home Depot

  • Tambour table by Rev-a-shelf


High platform bed over storage.

5" memory foam queen mattress with 3" memory foam topper from Amazon.

Power system hooked up and ready to go! 155AH vmaxtank battery charging from a CTEK dual charge controller off solar and our alternator.

  • CTEK dual charge controller
    Working great so far; Super simple to hook up and having the alternator and solar to charge the batteries gives peace of mind.

Two 100W solar panels

  • ALLPOWERS 100W flexible solar panels

  • Maxxfan

Rear access ladder but no roof storage.

Swivel seat.

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