Wrangler JK 2Doors Soft Top 2015 Red Firecracker

I'm driving a Jeep JK 2-Doors in the Yukon and Northwest Territories (Canada) for a living. Sleeping 90 nights/year in it.

Overhead console, side storage bags, floor bags, etc.

  • Wisengear Suspended Cargo Saddlebag

Link: thelonejeeper.ca/3-Storage-for-a-long-term-expedit...

Passenger seat forward and then memory foam cut to size around remaining space. Sleep diagonally.

Link: thelonejeeper.ca/2-How-to-Sleep-in-a-Jeep-JK-2-Doo...

Two memory foam mattress toppers, cut to size with an electric turkey knife. 0F sleeping bag.

  • Viscoelastic Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Toppers
  • TETON -18C/0F Sleeping Bag
    Tough, durable and tear resistant sleeping bag.

Generator to power portable heater.

  • Earthquake IG800W generator
    Rainproof and not too loud. Saves on fuel.

50 dB Gain extends the range of my cell phone by up to 15 miles (22 km). I constantly use that booster. Even one bar on my cell phone for only 1 minute makes a huge difference for me.

  • WeBoost Phone Signal Booster

Link: thelonejeeper.ca/Phone-Booster-Off-Road-4x4-Expedi...
  • Honeywell Bud Heater 250W

Exterior light bar.

Spare tire and fuel can mounts.

Ultralight camp chairs stored in tube bags.

  • Ultralight Heliox Camp Chair

Pressurized water (only requires a small bike pump).

  • The WaterPort Shower
    3.3 Gallons of water (enough for two showers on the trail).

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