Protected by German Shepherd, taser defense products, proximity alarm w/ remote triggered UV dye & exterior oc/tear gas fog, and the second amendment.


Conversion in progress

See my youtube... Airgapped reflectix closest to van metal, then spray foamed foamular, cavities filled in with polyester fiber, floor has radiant barrier with air gap too, I made a video on it

  • Reflectix

Aluminized styrofoam; 2 sheets required. Home depot vinyl roll $50, oem plywood underneath (not fastened to anything), rivet holes in floor epoxied and caulked, fuel lift pump access door. Details in YouTube video below.

Reflectix covered with black fabric, shiny steel window bars will be in the tinted slider window (the only window). Also I have a steel bulkhead with a locking door.

Conversion in progress, will have roof and wall mounted cabinets

None yet, just stainless canteen. i'll probably go with the shurflo revolution. See sprinter rv conversion sourcebook for pump comparisons. Variable rpm pumps are better from what I read.

home depot small standing laundry sink, not installed yet

Considered an Engel, but Dometic was more affordable and seemed to have better technology (Variable rpm compressor, lower amp draw)

  • Dometic CFX


Folding. steel LiftCo. Rearmost passenger side, wall-mounted and lengthwise.

  • Liftco Inc Dual individual folding bunk

Memory foam

  • North american mattress co

100w, will add LG Neon 300w+ panel

  • Renogy Eclipse

Maxx fan intalled with no power tools and no screws through the roof! Used butyl tape and Dicor lap sealant caulk.

  • MaxxAir Maxxfan 6200K

400ah dual 8d lead acid 12v batteries. See blog for details. Bluesolar mppt 100/50 w/ bluetooth module and tablet, blue sea 12 fuse block, blue sea 12v outlets, blue sea 50 amp circuit breaker, 8 gauge solar cable from ebay, all other cables from walmart

  • AncapistanVan Ind. R&D Flux Capacitor 9000, BTC edition

Lithium 10 yr warranty, 10ppm threshhold, instant view

  • Kidde C3010D



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  • 3g

Led strip and sound reactive controller


American Van 3 bar aluminum roof rack

  • American Van

Rear mounted shock absorbing superbumper (Impossible to remove without backing it into a wall to relieve tension), will bolt on a steel angle and then I can use that for rear storage when needed as a secondary benefit.

Tarp + cordage

Lower bunk acts as a gaming desk bench, will modify it so it is narrower

Portable toilet inside a plastic tote from lowes

  • Camco 41545


Shower pan with corrugated plastic sheets

  • AIRE GoGo Berm Mini Vasin


Will get a 12v washer

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