148” long wheelbase high roof. We plan to convert our van into an camper van / adventure rig for camping, mountain biking, road trips, etc.

We've installed 3M Thinsulate SM600L in the body. We haven't decided on the walls yet but are probably using some type of wood paneling.

Link: outdoor-wanderlust.com/van-conversion-van-insulati...

Polyiso foam board insulation, 1/2" plywood sub floor and click-lock vinyl flooring

DIY magnetic reflectix covers

  • Reflectix Bubble Pack Insulation

Wood planks

Overhead cabinets and lower cabinets with countertops. Additional storage in Garage area.

Electric pump for pressurized outdoor shower sprayer to clean us, the dogs and the bikes. Also the kitchen sink.

Undermount stainless steel sink

12v Refridgerator. Still deciding on specific model.

Portable dual burner propane stove. Camp Chef Summit.


Elevated full size bed platform

Full size memory foam mattress

Link: amzn.to/2AbNOG8

AGM batteries, undecided on size. Probably 125ah to start

2x 100w panels on the roof



AT&T cell phones, unlimited data plans


LED dual zone dimming overhead lights

Probably have a rack but only to hold solar panels

Bike garage with pull out bike drawers. Cubbies for gear storage.

Maybe in the future...

Folding camp chairs with foot rests

Link: amzn.to/2CZ3tqQ

Thetford porta-pot

Link: amzn.to/2jvIDqD

Outdoor shower only


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