Read about our conversion below. Check the YouTube video for a tour.


Watch this intro video to get a look at the interior of this great conversion.

Living Full-time

We made sure to cover every square inch possible with reflectix first, and R19 anywhere else we could.

  • Reflectix
  • Johns Manville R19 fiberglass roll insuation

We have some storage boxes that double as stairs to our daughter's loft bed. Then storage on a pull-out deck under the main bed.

Sink inset into custom bench.

Biolite camping stove

We have a pull-out cutting board to add extra counter space as well as a built-in coffee maker


Our bed is across the van and we have a loft bed for our daughter above it.

Novel use of space and uniquely recognisable as well!

5" memory foam from Lucid Mattress

  • Lucid Mattress
    It's a 5-inch mattress, so it doesn't take up too much height and yet we don't miss out on comfort

  • 1000w Goal Zero

2x 100w solar panels that can be set up beside the van


One of the most nerve-racking experiences during the build out was cutting out the 14"x14" hole in the roof of our brand new van.

  • MaxxFan Deluxe

Biolite camping stove that converts heat into stored energy

We have a mobile studio setup so we can record music on the road and we connect to hotspots while traveling.


Under shelving lights plus fairy lights on the ceiling.

  • Biolite
    converts heat into stored energy-you can charge portable devices or use the energy for lighting Fire bans prevented us from using the camping stove as often as we would have liked. However, you can power up the battery through a regular USB port.

A 14' long roof rack plus Thule roof pod

  • Aluminess roof rack
    fully customizable, lightweight, great for an extra patio as well

We have a board rack added to our roof rack that can carry our stand-up paddle board.

We have a slide-out deck at the rear of the van. It supports 350lb fully extended! We also just received three TRONO chairs that are stored in small bags but inflate to huge, comfortable seats. They've been an amazing solution for outdoor seating.

  • BASIK Furnishings
    easy access to under-bed storage and multi-functional: deck/table the steel adds a more weight than something lighter like aluminum, but we needed something really sturdy

This is surely an idea that would intrigue every converter. A lounge deck. Storage access. Star-gazing platform. Dining table. Wow!

Portable toilet hidden behind a sliding Artisan Hardware custom door with full-length mirror

Solar shower, stored on the roof racks to warm up.

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