Travelling full-time. I've been traveling all over the US (and a bit in Canada). I drove 40,000 miles between May and November, and coast to coast 3 times.

Three storage totes for clothes. Other things placed on spare, non-inclined seats.

Hate washing dishes!

Backpacking stove and titanium spork. Mostly given up on cooking and eat fresh instead.


Upgraded camping pad to actual foam mattress.

Twin foam mattress 4-5" thick, cut to fit around wheel wells. Plus sleeping bag.

Roof pod. SO WORTH IT. Great place to stash valuables out of sight, and keeps down the amount if clutter in your car, especially if you have a lot of gear like me (I have hiking, camping, climbing, and biking gear).

Indispensable in an SUV, non-stealth travel build.

Gyms, friends' houses, campgrounds.

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