Rhino-lined with fiberglass hi-top. 300K miles on motor and chassis.

Travelling full-time

1" pink XPS lined with carpet, plywood and spray-foam insulation.

Birch laminate over plywood.

Rear fold out windows. Flippable window covers made from carpet, batting insulation and reflectix.

Insulated styrene panels covered in vehicle interior fabric. Built in LED's using clear corrugated roofing.

Under bed storage. Overhead driver storage. Bedside storage.

4x 3.5 gallon Water Bricks with one spout.

Norcold 40qt 12v

Single burner butane canester stove. Jetboile with french press attachment for coffee.

Attached some bamboo cutting boards to the side doors. These lock shut with bungees to keep everything in place and also pop open to create a coffee table.


Fixed IKEA slatted Queen base on a 2x4 frame.

Memory foam mattress with down comforter and sheets.

2x 74ah AGM Batteries

2x 100Watt Monocrystalline panels


Standard RV vent with a drop-in Vortex I 12v fan.

Basic wal-mart.

We use one Verison and one T-Mobile unlimited plan to get varied coverage. Coffee shops for large uploads

  • WeBoost
    Passive boost requires no monthly fee on top of cell plan Up-front cost.

12v LED light strings wired into clear corrugated roof panels. Battery powered bedside lights.

Spare tire, tools, chairs, first aid, etc all fit under the bed with access from the back.

Sunseeker awning bolted directly to the fiberglass roof. Bug-net

  • Sun Seeker awning
    folds out super fast plus bug net. Bug net doesnt allow for access to side doors while deployed.

Portable, fold-up camp chairs. Storage ottoman.

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