Travelling full-time

DIY quilted panels on windows. Connected by magnets.

Storage cabinets at roof level and under the elevated bed.

  • Dometic sink
    Folds down for precious counter space.

  • IsoTherm fridge
    Love the yellow color!

Camp Chef propane stove in pullout drawer or on fold out table. Plus 750W microwave.

  • Camp Chef propane stove

Butcher block folds up from side of cabinet.


Multiple adjustable panels to create more bed space. 28" from mattress top to ceiling. Panels stack when full bed size not required.

80W panels

  • Zamp Solar
  • Dometic Fantastic fan

ESPAR heating system

Exterior 50" lightbar

Custom roof rack with access ladder. Allows for sunroofs, KingTech AC, lightbar, 80W solar panels, fan, etc.

  • ADFSprinters custom roof rack

Rear-ledge seat.

Roof-rack mounted awning on side.

Portable toilet hidden under a blanket. Held in place by floor tracks.

  • Thetford Curve

Outdoor shower, screens by sheet, plus timber shower mat.

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