2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter with 144 WB

Living full time.

1"x8"x12' pine ship lap-painted white

Snap and click vinyl flooring

Magnetic light blocking fabric that was custom made to fit my windows

1"x8"x12' pine ship lap-stained and sealed

Two sets of overhead cabinets, a bedside cupboard, underbed cabinets accessible from the front, and two very large underbed compartments with sliding trays and a divider on one side.

12v Electric pump. 4 gallon clean water tank. 6 gallon grey water tank. Fold down faucet.

Dometic two burner cooktop/sink with fold down cover

  • Dometic

  • Dometic CRX-65-s

Dometic two burner cooktop/sink with fold down cover

  • Dometic

Drop leaf table made from countertop cut off. Spalted sycamore, resin fills in the cracks, and spalted pecan butterfly inlays.


Rolled steel tubing bolted to angle iron that is bolted into the walls/studs. Luan 5/8 plywood with auto carpet as upholstery. Divider under bed as support and bed front cabinet face is a support.

6" memory foam mattress

2 350ah batteries

3 100w renogy eclipse panels


Maxxair Fan

Verizon Jet Pack with unlimited data

Dimmable LED lights in ceiling, kitchen cabinet, and an LED strip under the bed.

1 folding camping chair that fits in my smallest cupboard.

Rest stops, gas stations, restaurants.

Two gym memberships, truck stops, and a pressurized solar shower from Nemo Camping Gear.


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