Two month build out by a young teacher with no previous electrical, woodworking or car experience.

Weekends and Summers Full Time

4 Layers of Insulation and Sound Deadening (Spray Foam, Wool/Denim, ESP Low-E EZ Cool Professional Car Insulation, Polysio Rigid Foam)

  • ESP Low-E EZ Cool Professional Car Insulation
    Keeps heat out very well More expensive than Reflectix
  • Polysio Rigid Foam
    Cheap Hard to cut and shape


Wrap Around Windows. Custom Blackout Curtains On An IKEA Track.

  • Windows installed by Dodge
    Beautiful views, makes space feel larger Less cabinet space and required more curtains

Insulated And Covered In Tongue-And-Groove Cedar Panels.

  • Cedar tounge-and-groove panels
    Smells great and easy to install Not cheap; prone to humidity absorption which can cause movement

3 Drawer Cabinet With Large Drawers And 1 Door Cabinet With Outlet Mounted On Counter. Under-Bed Storage With Porta-Potty Housed.

Jabsco 1 GPM Electric Faucet. 7-Gallon Fresh Water Tank and Grey Water Tanks Under Sink (Easy Access From Cabinet Latch When Using Sliding Door—No Need to Carry Through Van)

  • Jabsco 1 GPM Electric Faucet
    Great pressure; looks like a home faucet Harder to install; directions not clear

Small Bar Sink That Drains Into 7-Gallon Waste Water Container Under Sink.

Norcold 2.7 c.u. ft. fridge/freezer. Blue Interior Light.

  • Norcold 2.7 c.u. ft. fridge/freezer
    DC or AC Powered, Self-Venting, Freezer Included Expensive

Origo 4100 Cook-top 2 Burner Alcohol Cooktop w/ Wood Cutting Board. 14,000 BTUs, 6 Minute Boil Time for 1L Of Water.

  • Origo 4100 Cook-top
    No fumes; comparable heat to propane hob; easy to install Expensive

Custom 2-Seater Leather Couch. 2 Seat belts Installed (Lap-belts). Drink Holders Installed On Sides Of Cabinets.

  • Leather 2 seater
    Comfortable, good for kids to sleep on Hard to install


Cloud9 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size. Sleeps 6’3” Across

  • Cloud 9 Memory Foam
    Very comfortable and fits Promaster without cutting

8" Memory Foam

  • Cloud9 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

2 6-Volt Deep Cycle AGM Batteries Installed Under Van In Heavy Duty Tray. 224 amp/h. 4 Stage 45 AMP Battery Charger To Charge Batteries When Plugged Into Shore Power. Shore Power Inlet w/ Breaker Box. Xantrex 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

Coming Next Year!

  • Fantastic Fan
    Nice 3 speed fan; reverse function brings in fresh air Could be more powerful

Installed With A Smoke Detector In Rear Of Van.

We Use Free Wifi On The Road.

Webasto Airtop 2000 ST. Runs Off Fuel Tank (1 Gal. Gas Per 24/Hour Run Time). 1 Vent Located By 3 Drawer Cabinet. LED Thermostat Control w/ Timer Fan Modes—Ventilation Without Heat.

  • Webasto Airtop 2000 ST
    Warms cabin very fast; van can be off while running; quiet; uses very little fuel Very expensive; doesn't like to fire on unless van is under 60 degrees in cabin; maintenance is complicated and few can service gas model

4 LED Lights (circular) and 2 LED Light Bars.

White Metal Drawers, Long Storage Section

Thetford Toilet + Anchor Floor Plate

  • Thetford 92360 Porta Potti Curve Toilet
    Easy to empty and feels solid

Road Shower Mounted To Rear Aluminum Ladder. Solar-Heated And Pressurised Using A Programmable Tyre Inflator. Holds 5 Gallons.

  • Road Shower 2
    Easy to install; stays pressurised; easy to refill Holds only 5 gallons; won't heat to hot on very cold days

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