2003 Chevy Express, formerly owned by an electrician in Vermont. Bought for $4k, spent $3k on repairs and $5k onbuild.

Link: imgur.com/a/RijZM

Living full-time

1/4-1/2" Birch plywood and timber bracing studs. Reflectix and foam board insulation on window spaces.

Link: thevanual.com/walls/
Link: thevanual.com/insulation/

1/2" Birch plywood and vinyl attached with adhesive.

Link: thevanual.com/flooring/

Wind out windows with blackboard paint on interior panels. Magnetic blackout fabric curtains for rear windows. Magnetics sewn into curtain hems.

1/4" Birch plywood with lath (timber slats) over the top. Wood stain applied afterwards.

Link: thevanual.com/ceiling/

Underbed, beside-bed and kitchen unit storage, plus a stool that disguises a trash can.

Two burner stove hidden under fold-up cover with magnetic spice storage.

To accommodate more people or more space when eating, cooking or working, a table was made that is essentially just a board that can rest between my kitchen unit and the opposite wall.


Ply bed platform over storage. Top with hinges in the middle that would allow it to function as a futon. Two 100lb gas struts were attached on both sides to hold it up.

Link: thevanual.com/bed-and-kitchen/

Second hand futon, cut to size and with a new cover.

All the wiring to the solar generator. The lights, fridge and van are hard-wired to the generator.

  • Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator

Two 90w Goal Zero solar panels attached to roof rack.

  • Boulder 90 solar panels

Ceiling mounted vent.

LED lighting strips

Roof rack and side access ladder.

  • Hummer cargo rack

See more at these locations:

Website http://thevanual.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/zachboth/

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