2015 Transit Connect Campervan for camping and climbing adventures in Texas.

Travelling part-time 2-3 weekends a month.

Side windows all have a layer of reflectix and a layer of styrofoam covered with paneling.

Reflectix under carpet.

We used a shower curtain rod with curtains for privacy in the front.

Under-bed storage with access from the rear and each side door. Side storage isenough for a bag full of trad gear and 2 climbing ropes. The alternate side contains a water container and my wife’s gear

We use a 45L RTIC Cooler for food and beverage storage. We learned quickly to leave this outdoors overnight to avoid condensation.

  • 45L RTIC Cooler
  • Coleman Two Burner propane stove


It fits a full-size mattress with a memory gel topper.

Lighting system is simply two battery-operated lights with command strips holding it in place, which makes them movable

See more here:

Website https://imgur.com/a/wJxs1

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