The project took me about 1.5 years to complete and is now my full-time living situation. The chassis is a long bed 1977 Toyota Pickup (also know as Hilux) with a fiberglass shell attached.


Living F/T

In the sections where the fiberglass shell is curved 1/2” or 1” craft foam was used to insulate the cabin. Weld wood glue was used to hold the foam to the walls.


All the windows were completely removed and resealed with Sikaflex 221 polyurethane sealer.


The roof install requires a few people for initial placement. Using four 4x4” blocks to hold the roof about 1.5’ off the shell is optimal for installing the scissor lift mechanism.


The two rear closets were framed using a combination of metal: 1” square tubing and 1” angle iron. The metal frame was spray painted black and secured to the floor with bolts and 1/2” sanded plywood covers the metal frame.


The water inlets and outlets on the outside of the camper were removed and replaced with removable 5 gallon water tank which fits perfectly between the closet and the wheel well after some slight planing of the closet wall.

  • Favson Diaphragm Pump
    Only powers itself when pressure is lost in the water system


Part of the original conversion.

My fridge is the original Dometic 211. Luckily both my parts and rebuild rigs had fridges because I had to Frankenstein them together; mostly the trim/door pieces.

  • Dometic 211
    3-way fridge; propane mode can last quite a while DC setting can drain a big battery in less than a day


The sink is the original but the stove is the Flame King YSNHT600 LP Gas Drop-In 2 Burner RV Cooktop Stove with Cover and the countertop is the White Laminate Countertop from Lowe’s (heavily cut to size).

  • Flame King YSNHT600 LP Gas Drop-In 2 Burner


The main table counter top is installed on the driver’s side of the cabin. Underneath the counter is the fridge on the right, removable water tank on the left, and storage with a sliding door in the middle.


The couch I chose is from a fancy-pants Alfa See Ya motorhome that I found perusing CraigsList.


A custom battery holder was constructed to house the battery and attach the wiper fluid and coolant overflow tanks. A basic 12V deep cycle battery was used as the template for the battery holder.

  • Seachoice ATO/ATC Fuse Block 10 Gang
  • Stinger SGP38 80A Battery Isolator
  • W6 80A Circuit Breaker
  • AIMS Power PWRIX120012S inverter
    built in transfer switch that allows shore power to be prioritized over DC to AC inverting


The heater is installed on the front side of the rear drivers side closet; recessed into the wall a bit.

  • Camco 57341 Olympian Wave-6 6000 BTU LP Gas Catalytic Heater.
    It keeps the cabin nice and warm.


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