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1" pink XPS lined with carpet, plywood and spray-foam insulation.

The walls were filled with 1" hard foam and held in place with expansion foam. If I were to do this again I would elect to use spray foam instead, the time savings alone would be worth it. The paneling is 1/4" plywood with a good face.

    Cheap Messy and time consuming

See my youtube... Airgapped reflectix closest to van metal, then spray foamed foamular, cavities filled in with polyester fiber, floor has radiant barrier with air gap too, I made a video on it

  • Reflectix

4 Layers of Insulation and Sound Deadening (Spray Foam, Wool/Denim, ESP Low-E EZ Cool Professional Car Insulation, Polysio Rigid Foam)

  • ESP Low-E EZ Cool Professional Car Insulation
    Keeps heat out very well More expensive than Reflectix
  • Polysio Rigid Foam
    Cheap Hard to cut and shape

Stained plywood over foam board with reflective layer. Plus spray foam insulation.


Fibreglass and foam sheets

Sealed with resin/fiberglass. Then 20mm extruded polystyrene foam boards.

Rattle trap, timber strips, foam board, plywood, click vinyl flooring.

  • Click vinyl flooring
    Would NOT recommend. It was a pain and has definitely shifted/popped up in spots. If we did it again we’d use a single piece of sheet vinyl.
  • FatMat Self-Adhesive RattleTrap Sound Deadener
  • DOW Super TUFF-R foam board insulation

Foam board insulation with timber overlay.

Foam underlay. Vinyl planks from Lowes over insulating foam underlay


Multiple adjustable panels to create more bed space. 28" from mattress top to ceiling. Panels stack when full bed size not required.

5" memory foam from Lucid Mattress

  • Lucid Mattress
    It's a 5-inch mattress, so it doesn't take up too much height and yet we don't miss out on comfort

Twin foam mattress 4-5" thick, cut to fit around wheel wells. Plus sleeping bag.

2" high density foam + 2" memory foam + hand-sewed case

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