Reflective bubble insulation under 9mm ply

1" pink XPS lined with carpet, plywood and spray-foam insulation.

Stained plywood over foam board with reflective layer. Plus spray foam insulation.


Polyisocyanurate Laminated Sheets, then plywood

  • Bunnings 17mm structural ply


The floors have 3/4" hard foam insulation and a 1/2" plywood sub-floor. The sub-floor was screwed into the chassis with 1.5" stainless steel lag screws, which were counter sunk into the wood. Then a layer of wood filler and one foot square vinyl tiles.

Rattle trap, timber strips, foam board, plywood, click vinyl flooring.

  • Click vinyl flooring
    Would NOT recommend. It was a pain and has definitely shifted/popped up in spots. If we did it again we’d use a single piece of sheet vinyl.
  • FatMat Self-Adhesive RattleTrap Sound Deadener
  • DOW Super TUFF-R foam board insulation

Cabinets and bench seats made from lightweight aluminum tube and plywood. Stores all my stuff. The whole setup also converts to a sleeping platform when required


Check out the build blog - great, versatile setup.

DIY ply boxes and cabinets. Custom porthole storage too and ceiling-mounted storage nets.


Nets make for cheap and flexible storage.

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