The Vegas Van - Rent by the month and wander the American West. Seats and sleeps 2A+2C. Unlimited miles. Flat monthly price.

  • Rent a van you can sleep in for less than car rental or motels: $33/day!
  • Uber-distance from Las Vegas airport; central to the best of California, Utah and more.
  • Includes portable cooking gear and bedding. Or BYO.

Flat price strictly applies. Same price for 10 days, two weeks or the whole month. Email for bookings or questions.

Primus dual-burner stove and small kitchen bench space.

Built-in two-burner gas stove, with panel to cover and provide extra bench space.

Small, single burner camp stove

As we use a wood stove for heating and a bottle of gas for cooking, we chose to install for safety a detector of toxic and narcoleptic gases.

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