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12v Electric pump. 4 gallon clean water tank. 6 gallon grey water tank. Fold down faucet.

My tank is black and not transparent, and i want to know how much water left in it. For this purpose i made water level sensors with led indication for just $17

Useful info. Haven't spotted this kind of information in many other build blogs.

Jabsco 1 GPM Electric Faucet. 7-Gallon Fresh Water Tank and Grey Water Tanks Under Sink (Easy Access From Cabinet Latch When Using Sliding Door—No Need to Carry Through Van)

  • Jabsco 1 GPM Electric Faucet
    Great pressure; looks like a home faucet Harder to install; directions not clear

The sink drains to a 10 litre grey water tank on the underside of the van.

A wood stove with copper tubing looper around the chimney to heat water.


Very clever.

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