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Foam underlay. Vinyl planks from Lowes over insulating foam underlay


Aluminized styrofoam; 2 sheets required. Home depot vinyl roll $50, oem plywood underneath (not fastened to anything), rivet holes in floor epoxied and caulked, fuel lift pump access door. Details in YouTube video below.

Sound deadening material, then vinyl over polyiso board and insulating foam. We chose step trims and carpet trim to finish.


Rattle trap, timber strips, foam board, plywood, click vinyl flooring.

  • Click vinyl flooring
    Would NOT recommend. It was a pain and has definitely shifted/popped up in spots. If we did it again we’d use a single piece of sheet vinyl.
  • FatMat Self-Adhesive RattleTrap Sound Deadener
  • DOW Super TUFF-R foam board insulation

Snap and click vinyl flooring

Vinyl attached with glue.

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